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Treat Clients Like You’d Treat Your Mom

Monday, May 14th, 2018 at 11:53am Sabrina Murphy

This Mother’s Day, consider adopting the mother gauge when it comes to interacting with clients by asking yourself, “Would you do that to your mother?”

Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss, who wrote a book on the topic, Would You Do That to Your Mother: The ‘Make Mom Proud’ Standard for How to Treat Your Customers, pioneered the role of chief customer officer, holding the position at Coldwell Banker, Lands’ End, Microsoft, and Allstate. She says brands need to exercise the kinds of basic values and human standards—such as compassion, transparency, and loyalty—that most people learn at an early age. By applying these values at their workplace, Bliss says businesses will understand and improve relationships with clients. She’s coined it the #MakeMomProud movement.

Broker-owners and agents have the power to do something for their clients that would make their mothers proud this Mother’s Day, she says, offering three tips:

Comic by Jeanne Bliss

1. Play together nicely in the sandbox with a teamwork strategy. “Your customer needs you to link arms with the mortgage company and escrow company to navigate, as a team,” Bliss says. This especially applies to first-time buyers because the experience of getting from a rental to their first home (or even from one home to another) can cause a lot of fear, worry, and concern. Exercise empathy and teamwork to ease clients’ nerves.

2. Care for people’s feelings. Deliver a memory.Real estate professionals are part of one of the most important times in customers’ lives, Bliss says, and that offers a valuable opportunity to deliver on that memory. “A great memory in how you care, guide, and commemorate this moment in their lives will have you and your company remembered—and passed on to others considering their own real estate needs,” Bliss says. “Memory creation is the currency of your brand.” Long after the paperwork and the unpacking is finished, clients will remember how you made them feel. 

3. Make it easy. Take the burden off the customer’s back. There are many complex and sometimes emotional steps that need to be taken to buy or sell a home. Bliss recommends conducting a review of all the things that a client is required to do during their experience, and then seeing if you can handle, remove, or simplify some of those steps. This will help show you’re in service to them, and not the other way around, she adds.

Source: Jeanne Bliss,

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